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Small Business Clients

How to attract highly qualified employees

and fund your retirement



can FUND your retirement



Does your benefits package do its job? The right benefits package has to attract and retain the best employees, but there's also more...

Your retirement.

You see, America's small-business owners are wealth builders,

driving GDP and job growth.

With a WHOPPING 70% of their personal finances tied up in their business, they're exposed to high risk as a result of little asset diversification and retirement planning. These findings were revealed in the first CNBC/FPA Small Business and Financial Planning Survey, released in 2014.

        Because such a significant portion of your assets are

        invested in the business, the right benefits package is vital

        as a piece of the retirement puzzle.

You see, recruiting and retaining the best employees is imperative to the success of your largest asset...

   ...the business.

Does a benefits package help an employer find and keep good workers? Good health benefits should be a no-brainer. The healthier the employee, the better the company, right?

Good retirement benefits help workers understand they can live on what they make. Help a worker feel like he's not scraping by and a few bucks won't lead him out the door.

As an employer, benefits can help your company keep good workers longer and possibly transform mediocre or even bad workers to good.

Most importantly, to you and your retirement, benefits are ALSO about retaining those key employees you may consider as your successor. 

        Whether or not you want to work forever, you won't

        want to be involved in the daily activities during your

        golden years.

So call me today, and let’s get started on customizing the kind of benefits package that will diversify your retirement assets, with a well-planned exit strategy

Face it: If you don't have an attractive benefits package, you just may spend most of your working years dealing with sub-par employees rather than growing your largest asset to its potential.

My consultation time is FREE – with no obligation.





Let’s get your life onto the right track.

It’s so easy, you’ll be glad you called!


Joe Gavazza

  • Retirement Plans- Plans that are easy to setup and manage from an experienced financial advisor. Discover how a 401(k) for small business, Self-employed 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, or Defined Benefit Plan can provide you and your employees with an array of features.

  • Group Health insurance - We offer competitively priced PPO & HMO plans backed by large networks of some of the best physicians, specialists and hospitals. Gain peace of mind by working with the strength and stability of industry leaders. It’s a smart move to talk to a licensed insurance agent right now who can help minimize your cost and maximize your benefits.

  • Executive Benefits - For Key Management    - Executive Bonus Plan                                        - Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan        (SERP)                                                                    - Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation           Plan                                                                      - Executive Life Insurance,                                  - Executive Disability,                                          - Executive Long-term Care. 

  • Group Life Insurance - It can be available as a low-cost part of your company-paid basic coverage, an employee-paid coverage, or both.

     - Federal income-tax deductible premiums    - Desirable fringe benefit                                    - Reduced turnover                                              - Contributes to employee security, loyalty,      and higher morale                                              - Valuable life insurance protection provided     at a low group rate

  • Group Disability- Helping to provide employees with income protection is one thing. Helping them overcome limitations to reclaim their lives is another. Our group disability insurance products can do both. What does that mean to employers? Shorter durations, a safer, faster return to productivity, and better outcomes for employees, in many cases.

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